Did you know we are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization? We rely purely on donations and proceeds from our merchandise to continue “Licking Discrimination!” Please consider a donation to help us continue the work we do for the Pit Bulls that we love so much.

EIN (Tax ID) : 47-2264053

Edward Karlow 400.00 USD
Anabell Salazar 253.00 USD
Angie & Aaron Dinneen 100.00 USD
Angie & Aaron Dinneen 100.00 USD
Andrew Cruz 96.80 USD
Chantelle 50.00 USD
48.50 USD
38.50 USD
Jodi Klun 35.00 USD
Jim 30.00 USD
Kris 30.00 USD
dani 25.00 USD
Jordan Hooks 25.00 USD
Jenny and Lola 25.00 USD
Gwen Powers 25.00 USD
Stevie Klaark 20.00 USD
Rachel Winters 20.00 USD
Andrew cruz 12.23 USD
Jeff Benedict 5.00 USD
Denis Schneider 5.00 USD
Total amount 1364.03 USD