Anya’s Story: A gripping tale of one dog’s struggle to find a family and a home where she was accepted.

In a city where the rent is high, and houses in the sky look down on short haired dogs with floppy ears and wide faces. One Dog worked its big brown eyes and general cuteness to lead her Family on a quest for a home and the safety of a Harbor : A Soul Harbor. 

Hello, my name is Anya and this is my story.

I was raised by some mean people in a house where all the dogs were sad and angry. There was a lot of barking and fighting. One day two nice ladies found me and got me away from that sad place and took me to an animal rescue.  I really liked it there but I also really wanted a full-time home.  Soon two people came in to see me.  I don’t know, I usually don’t like guys, but there was something about this one. I kind of jumped in his lap and knocked him over.  The lady was really sweet and called me ‘honey’ . The people at the rescue said we were a pretty good match and we should be a family.

So I went to live with the nice people and they had a house and yard and kids on either side that I could bark at  And there was a guy in blue pants that came around every day around 2 o’clock and tried to break into the house and shove some papers inside. So I had a lot to take care of. 

They call me an aggressive breed.  I’m part American Staffordshire and part Vizla.  Anya means lucky in Hungarian and I think it fits.  I’m also into all the usual pit bull stuff like cuddling and laying on you, get it?  The  A. K. C. says that I’m hyper aware of my environment.  I don’t know about all that . I just know for sure that I do not like rabbits or squirrels.  Mostly I just like my mom and dad and like to hang out with them.

Well one day they decided they’d had enough of the yard work and all the commuting. They wanted to live closer to work downtown and maybe get an apartment and enjoy life for a bit.

 So, like I said before some people call me an aggressive breed.  A lot of people don’t want me in their apartment buildings.  We were really in a bind because we had already sold the house.  We needed a place to live and were looking everywhere for a place that would take me. It was getting really hard and they were looking every place they could think of.

 Then when they were packing up and moving some heavy stuff mom pulled a muscle.

She had to go and lie down.  My dad had found a bumper sticker at a place called Further Performance and it said, My Pit Bull Is Family.  Mom had put the bumper sticker on the cover of a book to cover the photo of a lady that she didn’t really care for.  She always tells everyone what to do and she wasn’t very nice to Steadmen. 

Anyway she picked up the book and looked at the bumper sticker.  Then she went to

 Dad was kinda mad because she got hurt and couldn’t help pack.  He was also worried about where they were going to live.

But within 20 minutes of mom getting on that website she was talking to this sweet lady named Jackie at Solhavn and they had a place for us!  It was just perfect with our own front door and they like all kinds of different dogs.  At Solhavn there is every kind of dog; we’ve got little dogs,  big dogs, barking dogs,  like me, and quiet dogs.  We’ve got Rotweiller’s, German Shepherd’s, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Poodles,  Basset Hounds. And of course Pit Bulls.  You name it, we got it.  And we got a lot of dog lovers.  Maybe someday we can have a party and you guys can come over and check it out.

So don’t give up all you mutts.  There are a lot of kind humans that need a buddy and with the help of folks like the ones at, you can find a home too.

By the way, my favorite singer is Joan Jett because she didn’t give a damn about her bad reputation either.  And to all you haters out there, don’t hate me cause you ain’t me!


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