We are so excited to kick off our 2018 blog with an interview with Cadence Real Estate‘s Senior Real Estate Agent – Katie Conover. Cadence Real Estate is a company based in Seattle, Washington that understands that all dogs are individuals and that all dogs are family.


MPBIF: Tell us about the pet policy that Cadence Real Estate has for it’s properties?
Katie: No breed or weight restrictions! $200 refundable deposit (per pet) and $50/month pet rent (per pet). We have also allowed a pig, birds, and reptiles (on a case by case approval basis).

MPBIF: How long has Cadence Real Estate accepted all types of dogs regardless of breed or type?
Katie: As long as we have been in business, since 2008!

MPBIF: Was there ever a point in time where C.R.E had restrictions on types of dogs if so, why did management change the policy? 
Katie: We have never had restrictions, no.

MPBIF: What do you feel is the number one reason why apartment complexes and management companies should accept all types of dogs? 
Katie: More clientele overall. Seattle is incredibly pet friendly with companies like Amazon allowing its employees to bring pets to work; housing options should also reflect that same allowance.

MPBIF: Often times management companies saythat they can not accept all dogs due to their insurance coverage – could you tell us who insures the dog friendly properties at C.R.E? 

Katie: We require all residents to obtain and show proof of their own renter’s insurance, so this issue is fully covered on that front then!

MPBIF: What advice do you have for companies thinking about changing their policies?
Katie: Do not have breed limits!Some of the best residents and furry friends we have in our properties are those which are typically on the “restricted” list. If your leases are firm in its pet policies and residents know what rules/standards that they and their pets are to be held to, issues will rarely exist and owners will be the utmost appreciative!

MPBIF:Studies have shown that renters with dogs tend to stay longer in their rentals and they will often pay more to keep their family together, including the family dog – do you feel that this is the case at C.R.E?
Katie: Absolutely. Pet friendly buildings are harder to find that you think, so residents are prone to stay longer if they find a happy place to live for themselves and their pets.

MPBIF: When apartments are available – do they rent out faster compared to units that do not accept dogs?
Katie: Yes, 100%.

MPBIF: How many properties does C.R.E manage and how many accept all dogs regardless of breed/weight/size?
Katie: Roughly 35 properties, all of which are limitless on dogs.

MPBIF: What can My Pit Bull is Family do to help fill units at your properties with responsible dog owners?
Katie: Refer our properties. Networking is key! Also, anyone looking to get a pet should rent with us. We have had some residents move into our properties strictly for the purpose of wanting a big dog or “restricted” breed. Within weeks of their move in date, they typically adopt/purchase one and nothing else makes us happier to help form new furry friend families.

To learn more about Cadence Real Estate visit www.cadencere.com
To learn more about why your rental should allow all dogs click here.
To search for a rental for the whole family click here.
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