Why Should YOU Rent to Families with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

As a Landlord, you have the opportunity to preserve the bond between responsible owners and their family dogs, and you can profit from it!

  • Retention Turnover is expensive. Families with large dogs have put a lot of time and effort into their search, and are likely looking to stay awhile. Retention of excellent tenants saves you time, money, & effort finding a new tenant and eliminates risk.
  • Additional Revenue – Pet Rent.  As expenses and taxes for rental properties are high, additional revenue streams can be very helpful. Require pet rent from your tenants to help cover costs.

To learn more about the benefits of renting to tenants with all types of dogs check out this article from Best Friends Animal Society -Landlords: Increase Your Profitability By Becoming Pet Friendly

Always keep your dog on leash
Pick up after your pets
Create an exercise schedule
Have a backup plan for bad behavior

    • Reduced Risk – Offer Extra Insurance & Deposit. 
      • Renters Insurance- If your are still on the fence, you may choose to require renter’s insurance and/or dog liability insurance to help ensure that you will not be liable in the case of a bite. You may find a list of dog friendly insurance companies on our website.                                                                                                
      • Pet Deposit- Require a refundable deposit. An extra deposit will encourage families to keep the property in excellent shape and you can rest assured that damages will be covered.
    • High Quality Residents- The scarcity of pet-friendly rentals results in high quality applicants & appreciative, responsible tenants. By expanding your list of potential tenants, you have more applicants to choose from, and the opportunity to create a pet-loving  community with tight-knit neighbors.

What About Insurance?

Einhorn Insurance encourages landlords to rent to RESPONSIBLE dog owners. They make great tenants and are usually very appreciative for the opportunity. Additionally, they tend to stay longer and are willing to pay a higher rent to keep their family together.

We personally own income property and all of our tenants own Pit Bulls. As landlords, we require our tenants have coverage for their dogs and list us as an Additional Insured on their dog liability policy.

For more information regarding insurance for your dog, insurance for your rescue or if you are a Landlord whose tenants have dogs, please hit the GET A QUOTE button.

Our CBOs (Chief Barking Officers) are looking forward to helping you and your canine family members with dog liability insurance.

Contact Einhorn Insurance today to find out how we can help.

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Tenant Search

This is your chance to build your community; Use these keys to find great tenants.
  • Start your search EARLY, give yourself time to find the perfect family to add to your community.
  • Find Tenants who will Never EVER Give Up. You are likely not the first, the 5th, or even the 15th call a responsible dog owner has made. Look for tenants who are persistent and willing to sell themselves and their family, and offer to take steps to reduce the risk on your end; extra deposit, insurance, or pet rent.

Breed Specific Legislation

You can find all current cases of BSL on the BSL Map provided by BSL Census

  • Signs of Positive and Prepared Tenants
    • Resume that shows all of their dogs best traits. This may seem silly, but it gives you an opportunity to see all of their dog’s best qualities, and address some major concerns right of the bat.
    • References from people who can attest to the dog’s good behavior. This can help determine whether the dog is consistently well behaved around different people in different situations. Great references include; Dog trainer, veterinarian/technicians, past landlord, neighbors, groomer, daycare provider/walker, family members, and friends.
    • Veterinary records and proof of registration. Veterinary records can show a person’s habit of responsible ownership. Consistently up-to-date shots, spay/neuter, preventative health, and city license show investment and commitment to their dog, and can give you a general idea of their responsibility level.
  • Require a family “Meet & Greet”Nothing will tell you more about a dog than meeting him. This gives you a chance to look for smart, polite, and quite family dogs.
  • Add Your Property to our Nationwide Database. We currently have the most comprehensive open online database of non-discriminatory housing. Responsible families with pit bulls are always looking for housing across the country, and they are not willing to give up until they find a home with their family pets. Utilize this as a free listing service to expand your reach of potential future tenants. Search Your State to see what other properties are already renting to families with all types of dogs.