We know that finding a place to call home with your family dog can be tough. As of August 1, 2018 we are creating a fund to assist families with additional costs that often come with keeping the entire family together. We know that “home” means different things to different people and regardless of where you and your furry family member call home – we would love for you to stay together.

The Together at Home Fund can assist families in need with a variety of different costs.
We can assist with the following:
Pet Deposits
Training Costs
Legal Fees – regarding ADA and FHA policies
Occasional Repairs

If we are unable to assist – we will gladly direct you towards other resources we know of!

To make a donation to the Together at Home Fund click here.

Together at Home Fund Stories

Ray and Lexxie left behind their apartment complex due to breed discrimination and are now calling an RV home. Unfortunately, the RV needed repairs that Ray could not afford. Through the Together at Home Fund, My Pit Bull is Family was able to cover the entire cost of needed repairs to keep this family together. We are thankful for Ray and Lexxie for allowing us to share their story.
Total Service Cost: $600


Meet Mack. Mack has a tendency of getting out of the house to go explore the neighborhood. Fortunately, on one of his explorations he found himself at the local Animal Control. Upon his release Mack’s family needed assistance in making sure he could be kept safe at home. My Pit Bull is Family assisted the family by supplying baby gates to assist with keeping Mack indoors along with sponsoring them to attend training classes with A New Leash – Minneapolis. 
Total Cost: $300

Meet Betsy.
A Note from Betsy’s mom:
“Betsy has been with our family since she was just two weeks old and has always been a little spitfire. However, as she got older, she started showing some troublesome behavior. It got to the point where we weren’t sure if we could handle it and started looking into re-homing her, thinking it was in her best interest. It was recommended that we get her spayed to see if it would help get her hormones in check and might help her behavior. This sounded like a great idea, but we were having a hard time coming up with the money for her surgery. That’s when My Pit Bull is Family stepped in and saved the day with the Together at Home Fund. Our heroes offered to cover the cost of Betsy’s spay, no questions asked. Thanks to the amazing people with MPBIF, Betsy remains a part of our family.”
Total Cost: $97