Our mission is to unite all animal lovers with a single voice to speak out and celebrate Pit Bulls as family dogs.
Through doing this together we will end housing and insurance discrimination for all dogs, including Pit Bulls.

We do this through hosting educational events, pack walks, hosting the nation's largest non-discriminatory housing database, and having active volunteers across the country who engage the community, property owners, and insurance companies in conversations about our family dogs.

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My Pit Bull is Family is a national 501c3 non-profit uniting all animal lovers and supporters with one voice for one goal: to end insurance and housing discrimination of Pit Bulls and their families.

Together we have far more impact than any of us could have alone or with a single organization. As one unified coalition – representing every animal lover who believes in an equal opportunity for all dog families – we will influence insurance companies and motivate housing providers to ‘Lick Discrimination’ once and for all.