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Welcome to the nation’s largest non-discriminatory housing database!
All of our listings are leads and may change at any time.
If you are searching for housing, please enter a city, state, or zip code for the area you would like to live.

If you know of a Pit Bull friendly rental property or if a rental has changed their pet policy, please take a moment to share the info with us via our contact us section.
We are contacted daily by families that are unable to find housing & could use all of the help we can get to help us build our database of options – Please ask your friends & family to submit any info they may have!

We are all in this together!

Nationwide listings:

MACC Properties 
Main Street Renewal

AZ, GA, TX Properties:
Hayden Properties


*** We DO NOT guarantee that all rentals listed will accept bully breeds. These are LEADS to provide a place to start. ***

We cannot Lick Discrimination without your help!

If you know of a place that is pit bull friendly, please let us know.