My Pit Bull is Family was created in 2011 by a landlord in Minneapolis, MN who realized that her properties were among the few that accepted Pit Bull Type Dogs. Through her passion to promote inclusive pet policies – a campaign to end housing and insurance discrimination was started. Through a team of volunteers in Minneapolis and around the country, bumper stickers were shared and displayed by supporters. This campaign lead the volunteers to create a housing database of rentals that accept Pit Bull Type Dogs.

In 2014, Shannon Glenn joined the campaign and moved forward with creating a non-profit organization, My Pit Bull is Family. Since 2014, the organization has grown through increasing volunteers in Minneapolis and around the country, has attended events both locally and nationally, managing the Nation’s largest database of rentals that accept all dogs, and is now viewed as a leader in animal welfare.

My Pit Bull is Family is focused on ending housing and insurance discrimination for ALL dogs regardless of what they look like or their perceived breed. We know that all dogs are individuals and that the families that love them deserve a place to call home, together. Each month our volunteer team contacts dog friendly apartments in various cities across the US to gather data on pet polices. We know that lack of pet friendly housing is a top reason why families surrender their dog to shelters and rescues. We believe that through providing resources to families searching for housing, through partnering with local organizations to provide wrap-around services – we will be able to reduce the number of dogs that enter our shelters and rescues each year.